Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos ‘Slide’ – Fire or Hype?

Frankie Ocean isn’t known for feel-good dance pop records, and he sounds so hilariously awkward on this Calvin Harris and Migos collab. Yeah, you read that right! Southern trap rappers the Migos and EDM king Calvin Harris, who has been less Metro Boomin this decade and more Avicii, have linked up. Say what you will about Harris’ chart-toppers over the years (I think they suck … Continue reading Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos ‘Slide’ – Fire or Hype?

Future’s self-titled album – Fire or Hype?

Future fans will literally buy anything this man puts out. As long as the robotic autotune is cranked up, as long as he’s talking about lean, and long as he refuses to say anything of value or give a more lyric-focused insight into his life and past experiences, Future will sell. I like Future as a hook man, but that’s as far as it goes. … Continue reading Future’s self-titled album – Fire or Hype?

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra – Fire or Hype?

This Saturday, Yeezus Christ himself blesses us with another holy gift. Sure, YEEZY’s are the pinnacle of sneaker hype, but in my opinion, this colourway speaks for itself. The white midsole works perfectly with the black and white ‘Zebra’ pattern, which stuns with its patchy aesthetic. The red lettering still works with the new colourway and the shoe itself is no different to previous 350 … Continue reading Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra – Fire or Hype?

Supreme MetroCard – Fire or Hype?

It was a pretty average Monday in New York City when many a hypebeast’s attention was suddenly grabbed by an anouncment made by the official NYCT Subway twitter account. The announcment, of course, was that infamous NYC fashion brand and overall hype mongerer Supreme was literally collab’ing with the subway. That’s right, lucky Supreme fans could roll up to any of 9 stations and buy … Continue reading Supreme MetroCard – Fire or Hype?

Noname – Telefone – MIXTAPE REVIEW

Chicago rapper Noname, or Fatimah Warner to her mates, (formerly known as Noname Gypsy) has had popular guest verses on projects such as Chance The Rapper’s cult mixtape Acid Rap, and Mick Jenkins’ The Water[s] mixtape. But now it’s time for the 24 year-old emcee to take centre stage, and she does that brilliantly on Telefone. It’s jazzy and soft hip-hop mixtape, and on it … Continue reading Noname – Telefone – MIXTAPE REVIEW


Toronto Jazz-Hop band BADBADNOTGOOD have had the modern kind of fame in both the online jazz and beat cultures, where their covers of classic hip-hop beats have gone viral on YouTube thanks to some bizarre directing and camerawork, alongside beautifully twisted renditions of smooth and nostalgia-inducing instrumentals from such producers as the legendary J Dilla to alternative culture icon Tyler, The Creator. Through these covers- … Continue reading BADBADNOTGOOD – IV- Album Review

Deakin- Just Am – Track Review

Animal Collective‘s Deakin’s solo album has been hotly anticipated by psych fans for a while now, with various live recordings and singles being shared around the internet, but fans of the Deak have been pleasantly surprised this week by the announcement of a full solo project by Deakin, to be released on Friday. With Sleep Cycle on the way, the first single from it is … Continue reading Deakin- Just Am – Track Review

EA Sports UFC 2 – Videogame Review

The reason videogame sequels are often improvements over their predecessors is because there’s a pretty simple formula that devs need to follow- fix the problems of the old game and add new, interesting features (not gimmicks, mind). UFC 2 is so enjoyable not just because of the addition of the grappling menu during ground battles, not because the graphics have somehow become even better than … Continue reading EA Sports UFC 2 – Videogame Review

Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered – First Impressions

My raw first impressions of Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered untitled 01 – The intro is very TPAB like. Not sure about the mixing on this one, KL’s vocals seem really distant, but that’s probably the point of the record. Beat sort of bumps though. Some nice haunting and low sub-bass. ‘No more discriminating the poor’. I really like this beat, but it’s not very Kendrick. … Continue reading Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered – First Impressions

February 2016 in Music

This month’s recap of notable music releases features a Mr. West, a Creature Communal and a white hip-hop duo. Kanye West – TLOP After finally deciding on the title and tracklist, Yeezy released his 7th studio album to decent praise from critics. I won’t say much more, as a belated review is on the way. The record has many features from industry figures such as … Continue reading February 2016 in Music