Drake’s More Life – Fire or Hype?

This week’s edition of the rawest (and most straight to the point) fashion, hip-hop and culture review takes a look at the new Drake playlist-album-thing More Life.

Midway through his Boy Meets World tour, the Canadian pop-rapper has decided to assemble an eclectic collection of collaborations and solo cuts, entirely made up of new material.

Streaming on Apple Music and Spotify at the moment, the playlist was premiered on Beats 1 radio and features an array of artists from various genres and musical stylings. King of grime Skepta and mainstay Giggs represent UK rap, and Sampha and Jorja Smith provide soulful RnB type vocals to the playlist, also representing Britain. Quavo of the Migos and Travis Scott, 2 Chainz and Young Thug provide their Southern trap sounds, with Kanye West adding his heavyweight presence to the OVO project.

The playlist mainly consists of redundant pop rap tunes and the songs are delivered in a weird format, with Drake vocal samples and dancey interludes playing in between trap-influenced brag rap bangers. Drake gets the most out of his vocal guests for the most part, with Sampha’s appearance and 2 Chainz and Young Thug’s reserved performances being personal highlights.

Production is pretty dull for the most part, with the beats sounding like they could have been made by a computer algorithm, with RnB cuts like Blem sounding about as lifeless and dull as some of Drake’s worse pop hits such as Too Good or Controlla. It’s also complete with faux Jamaican accent.

On a few tracks, mainly KMT, Drake is clearly copying the flow of half-internet famous hardcore rapper XXXTENTACION, specifically his hit Look at Me!. Drizzy obviously denied stealing X’s flow but many hip-hop fans aren’t convinced.

Skepta performs well on his interlude, and the track adds to the feeling that this is more of a collection that Drake has performed live but never recorded, as well as a chance to show off some artists that he approves of.

Fire or Hype?: This playlist is a redundant if not mildly interesting addition to the Toronto rapper’s discography. It’s still better than Views though. This playlist has tons of artistic potential but boring Drake solo tracks make it a real slog. Because of all this, this new project is just Hype, but I’m sure Drizzy’s adoring fans will tell you differently.


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