Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos ‘Slide’ – Fire or Hype?

Frankie Ocean isn’t known for feel-good dance pop records, and he sounds so hilariously awkward on this Calvin Harris and Migos collab. Yeah, you read that right! Southern trap rappers the Migos and EDM king Calvin Harris, who has been less Metro Boomin this decade and more Avicii, have linked up. Say what you will about Harris’ chart-toppers over the years (I think they suck as well, I feel you), but he certainly knows how to effectively use his features. This track is very odd and the vocal guests seem so out of place, Frank sounds like he’s too tired and miserable to actually inject some energy into his performance, and the Migos’ adlibs sound so bizarre over the summery basslines and drum rhythms. It’s a mess of a track, which is mixed fairly well by Harris (who played every instrument) but the annoying and uninspiring melodies and chords make this a particularly dull and strange affair, especially when the confused guest stars are introduced.

Fire or Hype?: This bizarre track and it’s awkward features are so off-putting. It makes the happy chord progression seem sinister. But what did you expect from this completely inappropriate collab? This song is most certainly a marketing trick used to draw in new listeners for Calvin Harris.



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