Future’s self-titled album – Fire or Hype?

Future fans will literally buy anything this man puts out. As long as the robotic autotune is cranked up, as long as he’s talking about lean, and long as he refuses to say anything of value or give a more lyric-focused insight into his life and past experiences, Future will sell. I like Future as a hook man, but that’s as far as it goes. After he shot to fame thanks to a couple of hit records like the popular DS2, and broke Drake‘s back from carrying him on their collaborative LP in 2015, Future has specialised in repetition. Sure, Desiigner bit his style, but why? Yeah, we know it sells but it’s horribly overdone and tedious at this point, even if Panda did come out last year. This album is over and hour of boring delivery against the backdrop of decent beats from producers like Metro Boomin (duhhh) Zaytoven and the 808 Mafia, whilst he delivers practically no clever or interesting bars over course of 17 tracks (including some awful skits). Sure, this album is okay as background music, and a couple of tunes like Rent Money might get in your workout playlist, but even the beat is nicked off of Shmurda’s Hot Nigga. With wack lyrics, zero energy and millions of devoted fans, Future is helping mainstream Hip-Hop sound even more one-dimensional.


Fire or Hype?: This album kicked the shit out of the poor Hype-ometer, but he managed to spit out a rating.



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