Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra – Fire or Hype?

This Saturday, Yeezus Christ himself blesses us with another holy gift. Sure, YEEZY’s are the pinnacle of sneaker hype, but in my opinion, this colourway speaks for itself. The white midsole works perfectly with the black and white ‘Zebra’ pattern, which stuns with its patchy aesthetic. The red lettering still works with the new colourway and the shoe itself is no different to previous 350 V2s, apart from the translucent midsole. The shoe will start at $220 but they’ll be sold out in no time and resellers could easily double that amount on eBay or StockX. I’m shocked to be typing this but this YEEZY is very different from the others. The hype seems more earned this time round, and I believe adidas’ faith in Kanye West has paid off.

Fire or Hype?: This black and white beauty is nice to look at, but the YEEZY name and therefore the potential price stops it being a worthy investment. This gets a Fire rating based on the colourway alone.



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