Supreme MetroCard – Fire or Hype?

It was a pretty average Monday in New York City when many a hypebeast’s attention was suddenly grabbed by an anouncment made by the official NYCT Subway twitter account. The announcment, of course, was that infamous NYC fashion brand and overall hype mongerer Supreme was literally collab’ing with the subway. That’s right, lucky Supreme fans could roll up to any of 9 stations and buy a standard MetroCard with Supreme bogo branding. There were a limited number of cards, but they’re currently going for as little as $50 on eBay! So you too can own a MetroCard worth $5.50  for $50 and probably never use it because you’re not from New York.

FIRE OR HYPE?: This one’s easy. It almost broke the poor Hype-ometer. It would have a higher score but, you know, THAT brick.



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