Deakin- Just Am – Track Review

Animal Collective‘s Deakin’s solo album has been hotly anticipated by psych fans for a while now, with various live recordings and singles being shared around the internet, but fans of the Deak have been pleasantly surprised this week by the announcement of a full solo project by Deakin, to be released on Friday. With Sleep Cycle on the way, the first single from it is an odd, adventurous and hypnotic psych-pop track,with Deakin’s loud and relaxed voice floating over a woodland beat and some mesmerising synth chords. The lyrical content essentially tells of how Deakin exists in this world-  he cuts a lost yet adventurous character who lacks guidance or a straight path though life. Throughout the images he conjures in our minds, Deakin expresses his wide vocabulary and ability to write flowing and rythmic lyrics. The song clocks in at about 8 minutes, and even with such a long runtime, the bizarre samples and sounds throughout the track keep things from becoming stale. In a way, Just Am is a song that needs to be this long- Josh Dibb clearly has much to say, and his music feels more like an art piece rather than another psychedelic chillwave solo artist (see Panda Bear, Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian). Deakin is looking to separate himself from his band mates and solo artists that occupy his genre, and his solo project must take the lead of Just Am.


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