Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered – First Impressions

My raw first impressions of Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered

untitled 01 – The intro is very TPAB like. Not sure about the mixing on this one, KL’s vocals seem really distant, but that’s probably the point of the record. Beat sort of bumps though. Some nice haunting and low sub-bass. ‘No more discriminating the poor’. I really like this beat, but it’s not very Kendrick. This one seems over fairly quickly, but there’s a dreamy and soft GKMC style vocal jam at the end. Decent track.

untitled 02 – Wow. This one genuinely feels like an alternate version of u. Kendrick comes in with a lax, high-pitched vocal style which is equally as melancholy as it is creepy. Nice cornrow Kenny reference. It’s a chilled but dark beat with some trap snares and some odd percussion and skewed hi-hats.

untitled 03 – Love the funky drums and weird keys on this thing. Lovely bass work as well, with some nice female harmonies in the background. You know what; this song is my favourite out of the first three. Kendrick comes in again with his easy, syrupy flow.

untitled 04Kenny Gets Political (ft. Whispering). Kenny never shied away from social issues and this track is no different. It’s really low key but soon takes a sinister turn after a minute and a half. A lot of these songs seem to be pretty short, the album only being 34 minutes long.

untitled 05 – This track opens with a minute long instrumental but the track itself doesn’t get going too much. Kendrick isn’t always one for bangers, and he’s showing it on this project. Still, it’s an interesting and sonically beautiful track. Jay Rock turns up as well.

untitled 06 – This is nice little jam that features Cee-Lo Green. It’s fun enough, but it adds to the feel that this is more a mixtape than an album. But it is ultimately a compilation.

untitled 07 – Man, this thing is long. 0/10
Seriously though, it’s not the sort of thing that I like to see on mixtapes and compilations etc. but who cares, it’s a few minutes of harrowing and experimental hip-hop behind some great Kendrick bars, followed by a weird lo-fi jam. I don’t know about this one, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

untitled 08 – I’m really hoping this track retains the energy of the live performance…

It does! It sounds even better. I really like this song, it’s deep, fun, smooth and I think I can hear some Thundercat on this jam. untitled unmastered ends on a high note, and I’m in a good mood.

This is not a review. It’s just my initial thoughts and opinions upon my first listen of the record.


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