Track Review – Freddie Gibbs – Money, Cash, Hoes

Indiana MC Freddie Gibbs goes over a deservedly hard beat which has some thumping bass and some old-school snare hits along with some new-school hat-rolls. Whilst referencing NFL player Cam Newton and the ‘dabbing’ phenomenon, his recognizable flow and OG delivery can be heard throughout the track, and although the hook is deeply uninspiring (‘Money, cash, hoes’), the rest of the track is a well-performed gangsta-rap tune and Gibbs’ technical and lyrical proficiency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well as a song for me, instead some decent verses over a dope beat. This track won’t propel Gibbs to the top of hip-hop but it cements him as one of the hardest MC’s out there, with a rough flow to match his tough delivery.



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