Experimental hip-hop outift Death Grips have released the first taster of upcoming album Bottomless Pit, and Hot Head is a flaming meteor of electro-punk flavoured noisey hip-hop. MC Ride continues to stun with his bizarre flow, voice variation and fierce delivery over a mesh of insane drum patterns from the one and only Zach Hill, as Flatlander brings the track to life with loud, abrasive and rave-styled production. The track feels like a direct follow up to Jenny Death closer Death Grips 2.0, but even that mental track couldn’t prepare me for the mad riot of Hot Head. As with most DG tracks, this one will probably grow on me, but even now it seems so impressive. Death Grips are back, and they’e unique brand of harsh hip-hop is here to demolish everything mediocre, generic and middle of the road. Sure, the production and aesthetic of the track may put off the mainstream listener, there’s so much here to be enjoyed by fans of left-field and experimental hip-hop and punk. From the insane noise-filled 1 minute intro to the rocking drums by Hill all over the song, it’s a ferocious and testosterone feuled piece of music.


You can download Hot Head for free on the official video, linked above.


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