Animal Collective’s latest single from upcoming album Painting With is a psychedelic, bizarre little track which constantly moves forward with live instrumentation such as the saxophone that trickles over the song, and the loud drums in the foreground of the mix. Panda Bear’s version of the album cover is the one that shows up on iTunes, which is apt considering that his solo work shines through this track. Although fellow vocalist Avey Tare takes a back seat, Geologists production work is percussion heavy, and the chords and vocals can sometimes feel a bit lost in the mix, though I’m sure this was intentional. Whilst the track doesn’t have the pop-power of FloriDaDa, it’s an interesting piece of music that challenges the mind whilst still being danceable and catchy, with its odd vocal samples that make up the riff, and the Centipede Hz-style drum rhythm. My excitement for the LP remains at 100%.



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