Kanye West – No More Parties in LA ft. Kendrick Lamar – TRACK REVIEW

Kanye’s latest instalment in the G.O.O.D Friday series opens with some classic Madlib sampling with snippets of a potential beat filtering through the pair of funk/ soul samples, before Kanye hops on – ‘No more parties in LA’, then beginning the first of his many bars on this new track, produced by renowned alt. hip-hop beatmaker Madlib, perhaps best known for his work with MF DOOM on Madvillain, a recorded which turned hip-hop and beat production on its head. Madlib’s unique and characteristic production style shines throughout this track, providing a sombre yet head-nodding beat with some soft guitar and piano lines along with loud vocal samples cutting through bass-heavy beat. In way, I hope Madlib shows up more on upcoming Kanye project Swish, but I’m such a fan of Kanye’s production work that I would like to see him back at his best, sampling, chipmunking and producing warm and creative beats, a la Touch the Sky. It’s not far into the track when Kendrick jumps on board, trading rhymes and anecdotes with Kanye. His appearance on the track is not the greatest thing he’s done in the last year, but after To Pimp A Butterfly, anything Kendrick provides is enough to satisfy me- in the same way that he killed the Schoolboy Q banger Collard Greens after GKMC, he’s following up a fantastic full-length record with smart and entertaining features. But Kanye is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the track, spouting tales of the darker side of fame, and even if these ‘problems’ are insignificant, Kanye still cuts an unimpressed and low-key character who feels it’s time to just focus on his family, which is an upsetting prospect for fans like me who wish Ye will continue creating innovative and original hip-hop. The God and the King have created art, with a mad genius providing the canvas.



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