The Last Shadow Puppets – Bad Habits – TRACK REVIEW

A subdued and muted bass line opens the return of TLSP coupled with some soft percussion before Miles Kane barks ‘Bad habits/ Sick puppy’ in a way that contrasts sharply against his usual vocal deliverance, that of any typical northern indie rock singer/songwriter, and it’s a refreshing reintroduction for about 15 seconds, although soon after the opening verse, the instrumentation takes a familiar turn with old Western-sounding horns and strings acting as the backdrop for some ‘Age of the Understatement’ style guitar rhythms. Then Alex Turner brings his vocals to the track in such a way that might leave Arctic Monkeys fans itching for a new project, although Turner may well be occupied with the Shadow Puppets’ sophomore LP which is expected to arrive in mid-2016. There’s a sort of laboured groove to the bassline which neither threatens to be catchy or dance-inducing. By the time the second chorus kicks in after a rather redundant, effects-soaked guitar interlude, I’d already lost interest in this entire track.

The hook itself is also worthless, Kane simply shouting ‘Bad Habits/ Yeah/ Bad habits/ Woo!’, and the saddest part is, some 19 year old graphic design student somewhere in Sheffield or Liverpool is probably getting the phrase ‘Bad Habits’ tattooed on their wrist as I’m writing this. Unfortunately I see very little innovation or creativity here, and this track is timeless in a bad way- this could have been released in 2006 as an Arctic Monkeys B-side, and it still wouldn’t be adequate. An utterly forgettable track by a band who have shown a certain level of experimentation in their music before. Get in the indie bargain bin with Catfish and the Kaiser Chiefs.




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