Animal Collective – FloriDada – TRACK REVIEW

THEY’RE BACK. They’re back and Avey Tare’s syrupy flowing vocals embrace us once again on the disorderly opening verse, after a jungle-rhythm beat sprinkled with some circling electronica noise, in which Avey and Panda Bear rapidly exchange their additions to another aural painting splattered onto a canvas of classic AC psych-pop instrumentations, over a helping of classic AC accapella harmonies. If this doesn’t get you back in the AnCo mood, the refrain certainly will- the vocalists playing with the word ‘Florida’ in such a creative way that this chorus truly would feel at home on any of Animal Collective‘s many studio albums. But is the track actually any good?

Yeah, obviously. It’s truly brilliant and the perfect track to get me excited for upcoming LP Painting With, which drops on the 19th of February.

I love you, Animal Collective.


(Scores are based purely on my opinion/ enjoyment of the track/record.)


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