Jamie xx – In Colour ALBUM REVIEW

jamie-xx-in-colourThe XX’s Jamie xx has an apparent knack for producing beautiful and rich soundscapes it seems, and on In Colour, Jamie almost reaches his full potential. After The XX’s stunning debut, Jamie has essentially matched the level of drama and the pure mess of random emotion that the album brought with it, and In Colour is no stranger to getting down and dirty with the weirder, more underground side of modern dance production. But is this LP really a dance record? Not necessarily- the album has plenty of quieter and more chill-dub moments, including the opening track Gosh, and the brilliantly progressive The Rest Is Noise. But, alas, I must discuss the album’s forced center-piece, I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times). This awkward dancehall tune is fun enough, and shows off a bit of Jamie’s production talents once again, but some of the overly-immature lyricism make this track sound like a parody. Still pretty fun though. But it’s easy to forget the lead single’s issues when we take a look (listen, rather) at Sleep Sound, with its reverb-y tremolo vocals, Stranger In a Room, featuring The XX’s Oliver Sim which takes us on a sort of trance-comedown/guitar jam journey. Oh, and the beautiful percussion on Loud Places. In Colour has very few flaws… and so, so many incredible, ear-bending junctures.
+Incredible aesthetic and production
+Reminiscent of The XX’s work
+Clever genre-hopping throughout
+Really good vocal guestwork…


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