Hudson Mohawke – Lantern ALBUM REVIEW

581816 years after the release of his rather brilliant debut LP Butter, Scottish DJ, producer and all round electronic music aficionado Hudson Mohawke has returned with a lacklustre sophomore effort. Lantern provides little more than a collection of average tracks, some bangers which will slot nicely into his future DJ sets, and some electro jazz/pop slow(ish) jams. For all its great production and genuine ingeniunity (the samples and genre-mashing specifically), Lantern lacks the one thing that its predecessor had going for it- those strong, twiddly, jangly melodies that drew me into each track. Even the more mediocre tracks on Butter were saved by the tuneful tappings of HudMo’s keys. While bass and heavy drum beats are prevalent in this LP, what’s lacking is some decent electro-pop melodies and catchy vocals. HudMo knows how to get the best out of his vocal performers, but on tracks like Very First Breath, the forgettable lyrics rather distract from the decent trap instrumentals- such as this absolute gem “Bring us back X4/ To our very first breath”. It’s not all bad in this department, and to give credit where it’s due, the line “How could I ever forget to/Hold you, tight in my thoughts” which serves as a catchy hook. Another of the lead tracks, Scud Books, unfortunately offers nothing more than a cliche trap percussion line and some very uninventive horns, and an under-mixed and essentially useless synth melody. Even the kick drum/hand clap combo doesn’t pull the track from the abyss of boring EDM and trap which floods my SoundCloud feed these days. Overall, a lacklustre effort which is saved from total failure by HudMo’s trademark high-standard of production and some genuinely hard-hitting beats.
+Great production/sampling
+Heavy beats scattered throughout
-Dull vocal performances
-Generic trap percussion on too many tracks
-Lacks the strong melodies of previous HudMo efforts a la Butter or Chimes EP


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